Customizing your door- introduction

At Norman’s Overhead Doors, we specialize in both residential and commercial overhead doors. Generally, we refer to residential doors as “garage” doors, whereas commercial doors are “overhead” doors. Custom garage doors are our specialty.

Garage doors should last about 10-15 years, depending on the quality of the door, installation, and regularity of maintenance.


Residential garage doors are available in two main types – sectional vs one-piece.

Sectional doors are made with 4-5 different sections, depending on the height. They have become more popular than one-piece doors over the last couple of decades, as they are more space-efficient and easier to automate. They’re also generally easier to open manually.

One-piece doors require more room to open and tend to be a bit heavier when opening but are preferred among homeowners for a more classic look.


Overhead doors include warehouse doors, movie theatre/concession stand roll-ups, and security doors.

Commercial overhead doors are very important for business owners, as they allow a business to be run more efficiently when functioning correctly. Conversely, when they malfunction, it can be costly as it can get in the way of operations, reduce productivity, and cut into profits.

(This is why we offer 24-hour emergency service. When these doors malfunction, business owners need a specialist to fix the problem immediately – waiting is not an option.)

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