Knotwood Battens

Wood battens look great in architectural features, adding a real sense of style and scale. The problem being that as sizes get increasingly bigger, so does the problem of fixing them to the structure. The bigger the pieces the longer, and more difficult the installation becomes.

Regardless of the style of fixing; angle, frame or otherwise, big pieces are hard to fix to the structure, often requiring specialized equipment, and bulky brackets and bolts to hold the timber straight. Even after all that effort within months the timber fades or cracks, which means having to get a ladder or an entire scaffold system set up in order to maintain the battens. Again the bigger the project the bigger the problem, and the more expensive it becomes.

Some people have tried using alternative materials such as steel. Although having significantly lower maintenance costs, the installation process is still extraordinarily difficult, difficult in comparison to the alternative…


Knotwood has recently launched a new aluminium batten system that brings the best of both worlds. The natural look and feel of wood, with a fixing system unlike any other, and next to no maintenance requirements.


Knotwoods Clip-Batten System combines the award winning Knotwood finish, with a purpose designed hidden fastening system that allows for an unparalleled versatility and a clean, floating finish that can’t be matched by traditional systems.The secret comes in the lightweight design of the two-part aluminium battens. The section is carefully designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength.


• Non-toxic

• Non polluting

• 100% recyclable

• Low carbon footprint

• No VOC emissions



• Durable & long lasting

• Low maintenance

• Cost effective

• Lightweight but strong

• Excellent for curved wall facades

• Termite, water & UV resistant

• Fire resistant

• Minimal moisture absorbance

• Quick & easy to install

• Will not crack, split, rot or grow  mold & mildew


• Fencing

• Screens & screening elements

• Straight & curved wall facades

• Decorative enhancements  &dramatic special effects

• Street furniture such as seating  components, table tops & rubbish  bin surrounds

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