Customizing your door – The Finishing Touches


Next, you’ll have to decide if you want insulation.

Insulation is typically made of either polystyrene or polyethylene. When we call for a garage door estimate, we automatically quote customers on an insulated door. Insulated doors are slightly more expensive, but we recommend insulation for several reasons.

First, insulation helps cut down on noise. This is especially important if your garage door will be located under a bedroom or other living quarters.

Secondly, insulated doors are more energy-efficient, as they help maintain climate-controlled garages.

Once you’ve decided on insulation, it’s time to talk about WINDOWS & FINISHES.


Our dealers all offer a pretty extensive selection of windows, which are an additional cost. Window finishes come in various looks, including clear, chipped, frosted, bronzed, smoked, and pebbled.

If you’d like to view the design options available, you can click here for a PDF version of our dealers’ brochures.

In addition to a plethora of designs, customers choose insulated or double-pane windows for added security and energy efficiency.


A finish will add another level of customization and increase the life of your door.

Powder-coating is an extensive process and costlier but is popular for a reason. It’s beautiful and adds the “wow” factor to your door.

Baked enamel is available for steel and aluminum doors.

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